Gros Morne Tree Skeleton

A tree skeleton along the trail to Western Brook Beach, Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada. You could accidentally pass right by this beach! Keep your eyes peeled though, it’s one of the most scenic in the whole park, a wonderful spot for landscape photography. As you leave the parking lot on the beach trail, you decend some stairs into the coastal black spruce forest. It’s so dark and humid, almost no daylight gets through the canopy. There’s a bed of dry reddish needles underfoot, with mysterious Indian Pipe growing in the darkness. Then you round the corner, and are back in the bright sunshine, on top of sand dunes with Western Brook flowing to your right. If you look left, you’ll find the skeleton tree! These trees have been bleached by the sun and reinforced by salt from the nearby north Atlantic ocean. They’re impressively strong, and eerily beautiful.