April & Chris

April and Chris’ love story is, truly, unlike any other. April was taking a break from University, and decided to spend the summer in Victoria, BC. Great idea, am I right? As it turns out Chris (who was living in Victoria) needed a temporary roomie for the summer. April was to be his roomie! I (like many of you) was skeptical about love at first sight, until I met these two. You can just feel it! It does exist! April moved into Chris’s apartment and they were immediately in love. Real “want-to spend-every-waking-moment-together” love. They have been inseparable since that first summer. I mean literally inseparable! They work, live and play together. These two have

been in love for as long as they’ve known each other. It is a true and beautiful partnership.

April and Chris decided to have a destination wedding in Ontario. The whole wedding (including orchard camping) took place on a small farm in the village of Bethany. The beautiful farm belongs to Chris’s uncle and his partner. They did a spectacular job as wedding planners… so helpful and kind! Maybe a side-gig, Gentlemen? They made sure April and Chris had an absolutely wonderful day to start their new adventure. Unless you count the weather! It rained so hard! But it never dampened the celebration at all. The rain couldn’t compete with the love.

It was such an honour to be a part of April and Chris’ wedding. They are so fortunate to be surrounded with amazing and supportive people who love them. I know their future holds great things, and I wish them all the best! I would like to say a huge thank you to April and Chris for inviting me to capture your special day!

The handmade gifts each of the bridesmaids made for April. How awesome is this?!
A beautiful pearl ring that is very special to April.
The wedding shoes! I love it. Brand new Converse!
Glass earrings that April found in Victoria, BC. How perfect for a cool bride!
Getting ready for a wedding takes lots of preparation. And hairspray. Lots of hairspray.
Bridesmaids and the Bride making a toast.
Getting ready! It was a relaxed morning…well…as relaxed as getting ready for your wedding can be!
April’s hairstylist was her mom, Sherry. She did a stunning job on all the hair that day!
Chris patiently awaits his bride to be!
The rings! And the beautiful handmade box for them.
Rings again! This time with one of their beautiful invitations.
The dress! It was stunning! The lace and bead work were absolutely gorgeous.
Getting into the dress! As any bride knows…this is not a one person job!
April kept her sense of humour sharp through the whole thing!
I have no idea if the dress perfectly complimenting her tattoo was intentional…but I couldn’t get enough…
The flowers were absolutely stunning! Even this boutineer has so much beautiful texture and detail.
Chris getting his first look at his beautiful bride!
A farm in Bethany, Ontario was a perfect idea for a destination wedding. It was so lovely!
The first kiss!
Signing the papers and making it official!
Introducing the new Mr. and Mrs!
April getting a big hug from her sister.
The Bridal Party. They were a good looking group!
Time to break out those umbrellas…here comes the rain!
I love these flowers. Pammett’s Flowers in Peterborough, Ontario did an exceptional job!
Lovebirds! We chose a wee covered porch for the first few portraits. It ended up being really nice out there!
These two! That dress! Those flowers!
We found a dry spot under s big tree! You can always find shelter from the rain if you look hard enough.
The newlyweds sneaking off for a few minutes on their own to take it all in.
A birdcage to hold the gift cards. So pretty!
Mmmmmmm the cake! Created by Black Honey in Peterborough, Ontario.
The reception was beautiful!
The first dance!
There was so much love on that farm…it filled the entire tent!
A tiny break in the weather allowed a few lanterns to be launched.