Western Brook Beach, Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada

Where white sand meets blue sky in Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada. Western Brook Beach is often overlooked for it’s neighbour, Shallow Bay. To be fair, Shallow Bay is great for bird watching and playing in the waves, but Western Brook is so much prettier! A much better choice for landscape photography. It’s expanse of white sand is covered in driftwood, sand dollars, and shore birds. It’s backdrop of marram grass and Western Brook Fjord is unbeatable! Take caution if you decide to take a dip here, the undertow can be very dangerous.

Neil’s Moon

A beautiful peaceful evening at Boundary Bay, just outside Vancouver, BC. A full moon and the top of Mount Baker peaking through the clouds is glorious! This was the blue moon the month Neil Armstrong died, hence the name, Neil’s moon. To think that in his life he stood up there and looked back at our home planet. His perspective on humanity, and life itself must have been so different than mine. Rest in peace, Neil.

Goldstream Giants

Walking through Western Red Cedar giants at Goldtream Park just outside Victoria, BC. These trees make even me feel short! Goldstream is a perfect example of how salmon feed the forests. They swim up stream, spawn, and then die, completing their life cycle. Bears and other wildlife come to feed on the recently deceased salmon, in the process dragging their bodies up into the forest. The combination of this, and nitrogen rich animal scat, fertilizes the trees and allows them to become giants. An amazing landacape photography location just 15 minutes from Downtown Victoria!

Spotted Lake, British Columbia

Spotted Lake near Osoyoos, British Columbia is the coolest lake. No joke! It’s a saline lake that was named for its…you guessed it…spots! It’s an amazingly unique place and a sacred medicine lake for the First Nations people in this area. A must see when visiting the Okanagan Valley!

Norris Point, Newfoundland, Canada

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That moment when the clouds part and the warm rays of sunshine come down to Earth. This is the community of Norris Point located in gorgeous Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, Canada. This was one of those “quick pull over good light” kinda landscape photographs. It had been cloudy all day, so when things start to break up and let the light through, you have to take advantage!

Pacific Rim Waves

Tripod tours landscape photography tours canada all inclusive travel

Peaceful and dreamy slowwww shutter waves at Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. I love sticking around after the sun sets to photograph details during blue hour. Sometimes it’s hard! If it’s not a particularly nice sunset, or the weather isn’t pleasant, it’s easy to just pack up and make your way back up the trail. However, when I stay longer, I almost always end up with a photograph I really like. The low light lets you really play with lazy, slow shutter speeds.

The Hub of Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

Tripod tours landscape photography tours canada all inclusive travel

Tofino has a really cozy feeling when it’s tucked in by low hanging clouds. You really feel where you are, like you’re at one with the mountains and Pacific. Also, the best way to get here? Seaplane! Standing on this dock is a great people watching spot in Tofino. You get a sense of what life is like in this tucked away part of the world. Kids come into town from surrounding settlements by water taxi and seaplane to attend school. My school bus was definitely not a twin otter! Boat loads of grinning tourists making their way to board whale watching tours, excited at the prospect of seeing the iconic Orca. And best of all, fishermen returning from their early morning work, boats full of the world famous West Coast salmon. There are worst ways to spend an hour, that’s for sure!

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, U.S.A

Tripod tours landscape photography tours canada all inclusive travel

I fell in love with the Nevada landscape, it is soooo different to anything I’ve seen here in Canada. So fun to explore! This was taken at Valley of Fire State Park on a crisp December evening a few years back. We had one day to explore this amazing State Park, so it was a busy day! We hit all the sights we wanted except the wave rock, and it was almost sunset! We jumped into the rental car and headed back into the heart of Valley of Fire! When we reached the parking spot, we had no time to spare! I jogged in the trail with all my gear, made it just in time to find a spot and set up. There were at least a dozen landacape photographers already here! As usual, everyone was chatting about spots, gear, even favourote snacks! There’s always such a friendly atmosphere around groups of landscape photographers. We were all waiting patiently for the light, but it never came. However, I did get to share this moment with a group of new friends who were feeling exactly what I was feeling. There’s something really special about that.

April & Chris

April and Chris’ love story is, truly, unlike any other. April was taking a break from University, and decided to spend the summer in Victoria, BC. Great idea, am I right? As it turns out Chris (who was living in Victoria) needed a temporary roomie for the summer. April was to be his roomie! I (like many of you) was skeptical about love at first sight, until I met these two. You can just feel it! It does exist! April moved into Chris’s apartment and they were immediately in love. Real “want-to spend-every-waking-moment-together” love. They have been inseparable since that first summer. I mean literally inseparable! They work, live and play together. These two have

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