It’s December…let’s go to the beach!

My darling friend LCF came to visit in December. She is beautiful, so of course I jumped at the chance to photograph her! We decided that a beach shot would be stunning…and despite that it’s winter (even though “winter” on southern Vancouver Island is not what people usually think of when they think of a Canadian winter) we headed to the beach! French Beach is glorious and about 45 minutes north west of Victoria. We had everything we could possibly need for this shoot…the usual camera equipment plus warm coats, toques, mittens, scarfs, blankets and of course coffee! We were ready! It rained the entire drive!! It was not lookin’ good for this one. LCF was only in town for 2 days so this was our only chance. As we came down the last hill to the beach it stopped raining, the clouds broke a little and beautiful light appeared! Yes!! We jumped out of the car and got to work! Within 15 minutes we were set up on the beach, LCF changed into her very summer dress and I had fired off 100 frames. We were back in the warm car in a flash!! This is one of many keepers from the shoot. I love the tranquil look on her face despite single digit temperatures and near nudity perched on the edge of the Pacific. She is awesome 🙂

My Ode to David LaChapelle

It’s a great learning tool to pick photographers that inspire you, have a style you admire, or even someone you’ve never heard of, and emulate their work. This is my emulation of a master, David LaChapelle. If you’ve never heard of him…google! Or better yet, here’s a link…

He’s known for off-the-wall sometimes shocking work. Props have to go out to anyone that can get a shocked response to art in a society that’s seen it all. Huge props. This man is beyond creative, and not only a master of photography, but also a master of Photoshop. It was a challenge to go so far out of my comfort zone I couldn’t even see it anymore. Shooting in a way I never have before, and also taking on huge post production job, my biggest to date! It was an amazing look into a different avenue of photography and I gotta say, I’m hooked! I learned valuable lessons, got a great response from my peers and I had a blast doing it!
Also I have to give HUGE modeling credit to my love, CC. He rocked it!