The idea for this shoot popped into my head late one night and I couldn’t get it out!! My love, CC had this well established beard and I really really wanted to photograph it covered in clay, caveman style! Then I though of the Hasselblad inspired square frame. I was already in love with this photograph and I hadn’t even taken it yet! I booked studio time and started planning. I searched everywhere in Victoria for clay and couldn’t come up with anything!! Aside from the 5lb block, which really didn’t seem necessary. I took a chance, after battling pre-Christmas crowds, on kids modeling putty and non-toxic paint. The modeling putty turned out to be exactly like that white poster putty…noooooo!! This was not good! I somehow, with the help of boiling water, a whisk and the paint made the putty into something that resembled the texture and colour of clay. Success?? I had to wait and see how it photographed to really know. We went to the studio and I slathered CC with my questionable “mud” mixture. Yikes! I don’t think there’s any doubt of this man’s love for me. I took a test shot with my DSLR and it worked!! It actually looked like mud! Success! So I broke out the Hasselblad and my provia 120 film and shot a roll and a half of Caveman. It was a dream! There’s just something so satisfying about the shutter “clunk” of a Hassie…sooooo satisfying! For my instant gratification I fired off a few more frames on my DSLR and this is one of those. Even though I had digital files the wait for the film to be processed and returned was a nail biter. But they also turned out great! Long live Caveman!