D’at Mudder a’mine is sum beaut’y, w’ah?

This is my mom. The title of this post is typed in my native Newfoundland tongue as a tribute to my family and home (and because it’s funny…if you can understand it). In Newfoundland, some refer to their mothers as “Mudder”. I’ve adopted this in the last decade and have starting calling my Mom, “Mudder”. She’s not a big fan, but in true Mudder style she just shakes her head saucily at me. I’m an only child, and Mudder is my best friend. I live in Victoria, BC and she lives all the way on the other side of Canada in Western Newfoundland. That’s a really long expensive plane trip, so the time I do get to spend with her is the most treasured time. She came to spend the holidays with me in Victoria this year. It was the best month! It was so great having her so close! I really wanted to take this opportunity to photograph her, but I knew she wasn’t going to agree to this without a little hesitation. She’s not one for getting her photo taken. When I asked her, she gave me a strange look. But she knew how much it meant to me, and said yes almost immediately. It was so exciting!! The next day, I booked the studio and couldn’t wait! I was so proud to take her portrait, and I think she was proud of me taking it. It comes through on both ends of this photo and I love it.