Food Photography


Lobster Potato Salad by Mike Lapointe. Featured in Canape Summer 2014.

When I first arrived in Montreal, I was eager to hit the ground running!   I wanted to find small food and dining magazines to contribute to, and I wanted to stretch my editorial legs.   What I discovered was that if I wanted a small local Montreal food and dining magazine to contribute to, I was going to have to start it.  So I did!  Knowing very little about how to produce a magazine I set off to work on Canapé.   It was such a challenge!  I knew it would be…but I was still so unprepared for what I was facing.  All while trying to renovate a little studio and work at a photo lab to pay the rent.  It was a huge undertaking!   Despite all the late nights and sooooo many hours at a computer, it was one of the most enjoyable and rewarding things I’ve done.  It helped me sort out exactly where I wanted to head with my career and really…my life.

Things this past year have been a whirlwind of analyzing life, exploring options and deciding on a new path.  One that I am really excited about!  I’ve really missed having people in front of my lens.  And when I think back on Canapé, the times I enjoyed the most were photographing and getting to know the contributors.   There is just something amazing about the energy of photographing a person.   It’s really special.   And I missed it.   While I still love food photography, I have decided to pursue work that puts people back in front of my lens.

Here are some of the beautiful and delicious dishes  I had the pleasure of photographing for Canapé.  I know they were all delicious because like any good food photographer…I had to taste!

Asian Pomelo Salad with Spiced Plum Dressing by Shamini Somasundram. Featured in Canapé Summer 2014.
Lychee Spritzer by Shamini Somasundram. Featured in Canape Summer 2014.
Woman making Dragon’s Beard candy in Chinatown, Montreal. Featured in Canapé Summer 2014.
Duck Liver Pate by Mike Lapointe. Featured in Canapé Autumn 2014.
Pasta Carbonara by Alessandro Lucarino. Featured in Canapé Autumn 2014.
Maple-bacon crusted pork medallions w/ roasted root veg and blueberry-basil chutney by Jessica Sansalone. Featured in Canapé Autumn 2014.
Seared black cod with red quinoa potato confit and radish salad w/ truffle vinaigrette by Shamini Somasundram. Featured in Canapé Autumn 2014.
Sweet apple BBQ chicken wings by Alessandro Lucarino. Featured in Canapé Autumn 2014.
Spiced-pumpkin bread pudding by Mike Lapointe. Featured in Canapé Autumn 2014.
Empty espresso cup at Pikolo Espresso Bar in Montreal. Featured in Canapé Autumn 2014.


Let me take a moment to say, this crazy idea of mine would have gone nowhere without the interest and talent of the contributors.   I was amazed with the hard work they were willing to put in for my little project.  It was inspiring!  And the talent they brought to the table was…well…delicious!   I would like to say a sincere thank you to all of them.  They’ve helped me make career decisions and start walking a new path.   They likely don’t even know how influential they’ve been in my career.  I will have a special place for all of them and can’t thank them enough for this whole Canapé experience.


Canapé contributors. Clockwise from top left: Alessandro Lucarino; Mike Lapointe; Montreal Food Divas; Florent Ferrero; Shamini Somasundram; Jessica Sansalone.

I cannot encourage you enough to check out these issues of Canapé.   There is some seriously delicious stuff in there!   Goodbye Canapé.   On to the next adventure!


Exciting new things happening!


Wow it’s been a while!  Many new things on the horizon…stay tuned!

Wow c’a été un moment!  Beaucoup de nouvelles choses sur le d’horizon … restez à l’écoute!



A few scenes from our recent trip to Las Vegas. The first two are from Valley of Fire State Park and the last one is from Red Rock Canyon. We’re already planning a return trip to check out more of this stunning landscape!


Mr. R and Miss P

Mr. R and Miss P braved a cold fall morning on the beach to get these shots…it was totally worth it! You guys rocked it! And a huge thanks to Kimberly who got up early and came out to assist!


Neil’s Moon

The second full moon in August 2012, taken from Boundary Bay with Mt Baker peaking through the clouds. Whoever picked this day to hold the memorial for the late Neil Armstrong did a fantastic job! A great tribute to one of my childhood heroes.