Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, U.S.A

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I fell in love with the Nevada landscape, it is soooo different to anything I’ve seen here in Canada. So fun to explore! This was taken at Valley of Fire State Park on a crisp December evening a few years back. We had one day to explore this amazing State Park, so it was a busy day! We hit all the sights we wanted except the wave rock, and it was almost sunset! We jumped into the rental car and headed back into the heart of Valley of Fire! When we reached the parking spot, we had no time to spare! I jogged in the trail with all my gear, made it just in time to find a spot and set up. There were at least a dozen landacape photographers already here! As usual, everyone was chatting about spots, gear, even favourote snacks! There’s always such a friendly atmosphere around groups of landscape photographers. We were all waiting patiently for the light, but it never came. However, I did get to share this moment with a group of new friends who were feeling exactly what I was feeling. There’s something really special about that.